Williamstown Dredging Study and Fact Sheet

Williamstown Dredging Study and Fact Sheet

Williamstown1Parks Victoria is the port and waterway manager for the local port of Port Phillip and is responsible for safe navigation. Williamstown is a significant Maritime Precinct at the mouth of the Yarra River in Port Phillip with a range of marinas, boat manufacturing and maintenance facilities, and piers and jetties along the foreshore.

Hobsons Bay receives sediment from the Yarra River which over time has accumulated to a point where it is impacting on boating access.

Responding to concerns from Williamstown waterway users, the Minister for Ports in June 2016 announced funding to undertake “… a technical dredging study for the Williamstown Maritime Precinct.”

The purpose of the study is to understand the size of the problem, the solution and the cost.

Parks Victoria has prepared a Fact Sheet to help stakeholders understand the purpose and the stages of the project.

Click here to download Williamstown Dredging Fact Sheet