Life Members

Meet our Life Members

These members were inducted for their contribution to the Industry, along with their knowledge and outstanding service and support.

Life Members

Colin Brewer

Jock McLachlan

Colin Brown

Chris Warner

Peter BuckinghamPeter Buckingham

Past President

From mid 60′s, the BIA met at George Christian’s TINY office in Greville St, Prahran (he was the BIA accountant). We moved from there to a rented office in St Kilda Rd for a few years and then to rented premises in Jolimont. In the early 90′s, we investigated buying our own premises under the Presidency of Ian Harris, and myself as Vice President. We succeeded in purchasing the property in West Melbourne, which was the second most important decision the Board had ever made. “Marine House” gave us “roots” and credibility with the public and more importantly, Government.

Probably, the most important decision I was involved with, was the purchase of the Boat Show from Trevor Riddell (Riddel Exhibition Promotions). This gave us a real income and allowed us to develop policies that required funding AND the capital required to purchase our property.

Either way, both decisions were monumental in the development of the BIA.

Rod_Smith_profileRod Smith

Past President

Rod has been the Managing Director of CH Smith Marine Pty Ltd since 1977. His company joined the BIA in 1983, now being a member for 26 years.

On 22 February 2000, Rod was appointed as a director of the BIA in the Chandlery Division and he continued in this role to this meeting. During that period, Rod also took on the role of President for five years and his attendance record of Board and Committee meetings is second to none. He always was keen to be fully informed on all matters and gave tireless to this position.

Rod also represented BIA Victoria on the AMIF Board from 2003 to 2008 including serving proudly as the Vice President of AMIF for part of that time. The AMIF Board sends on its congratulations to Rod.

He has given his support to many during his time on the Board. It is his time an effort that he has put in over this period that has a lot to do with where the BIA is today.


Geoff Craige

John Stav

As a board member and head of the retail division, John Stav was instrumental in standardising the first marine industry retail contract, legal conditions on the back. He also assisted in the creation of the first BIA consignment form, and 50/50 BIA warranty.

He was also one of a four member team that hired and fired BIA Executive Manager and other BIA staff. Hiring Mary was one of his significant achievements.

Chris Dyer ~ Deceased

Leon Savage

Harry West ~ Deceased

Paul Savage

Lindsay Stevenson – Deceased

Tony Lock
Past President

Involvement in enabling the BIA to own the Melbourne Boat Show, therefore becoming financially independent.

Murray Wittman ~ Deceased

Ian Heres
Past President

There were a number of significant changes to the direction and structure of the BIA during my watch, not possible in the period, without the support of a very progressive board of directors, key industry leaders, GM and members.

As to the most significant or defining, I’ll leave that to the judgement of peers and others :)

Sam Bush ~ Deceased

Terry Minear ~ Deceased

Alan Dunkerley

Neville Whittley

David Hassett