Launching Way Precinct Master Plan to improve recreational boating at Patterson River

Launching Way Precinct Master Plan to improve recreational boating at Patterson River

The Boating Industry Association of Victoria (BIAV) today announced the Launching Way Precinct Master Plan, which seeks to provide a better boating experience at Launching Way on Port Phillip Bay.

The Launching Way precinct is the busiest public boat launching facility in Victoria and serves as an important part of the local community at Carrum, and especially to fishing and boating enthusiasts from around the state.

The Master Plan was developed over two years and was funded by the Victorian State Government‘s Boating Safety Facilities Program.

“Improving public boat launching facilities for Victoria’s 191,000 recreational boaters is a priority for the Boating Industry Association and a key to growing our industry,” BIAV President Mr. Mark Crockford said.

“The starting point is always good planning and the Launching Way Precinct Master Plan delivers this and compliments the Victorian State Government commitment to improved funding and planning for recreational boating facilities across the State.

“I commend the land and waterway managers Parks Victoria, Melbourne Water and Kingston City Council for their time and energy throughout the master planning process and admire their continued excellence in managing the jewel in the crown of Victoria’s public boat launching infrastructure,” Mr. Crockford said.

The Master Plan process involved the formation of a Steering Committee comprised of representatives from the land managers of the precinct.  Following that a Stakeholder Reference Group was formed to include a comprehensive range of stakeholders from the local community, clubs, Coast Guard and local residents, who provided key inputs into the development of the Launching Way Precinct Master Plan.

The Launching Way Precinct Master Plan addresses key issues at the facility including:

  • Options to reduce parking congestion
  • Options to improve parking capacity
  • Options to improve safety
  • Options to improve amenity
  • Options for longer term strategies

The Victorian boating industry and community contributes $4.5 billion annually to the Victorian economy and employs 17,700 Victorians full-time.

Download the Launching Way Master Plan

Download the Launching Way Site Context Plan